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Sound Lab

Sound Lab is for beginner to advanced sound techs, worship leaders and musicians of ALL AGES who want to take their church's sound to the next level! We will have ample hands-on training from some of our best techs in the Vineyard family and beyond. Our gathering will be fast-paced and include times of worship and ministry throughout the gathering. Our aim is to empower and encourage paid and volunteer sound techs in the Vineyard. 


Joel Balin Worship Pastor


Worship is one of our highest priorities at Cobb Vineyard. We were created to worship and have an intimate relationship with God, our father. 


Whenever we gather together, you will notice our devotion to connecting with God in a passionate way through our worship. 


CVC Worship Arts also creates the video and graphics for our services and web presence. Our special holiday services often also feature live drama and a choir.

Ricardo Arroyo

The worship ministry has helped me plug into the church on a deeper level and grow my relationship with God through worship and relationships. 

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