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men's breakfst




Our men get together for encouraging each other during our breakfasts, activities, and retreats.

We want to see 3 things happen to the men at CVC:

Sparks- we want men's hearts to be set on fire for Jesus

Sharpening- we want to encourage each other in the refining process

Sounds- It’s loud when Iron Sharpens Iron - when a hammer comes down on a sword blade it makes a lot of noise as it prepares a weapon for war. As men we were made to make a lot of noise. That’s why we cheer at football games or Bruce Willis movies. But when we get isolated, we often start to cry about the battle instead of sounding the battle cry.

Man from men's ministry

The men’s ministry has given me opportunity to have meaningful interaction with other men as I grow in my God given abilities and talents.

Eric Johnson

Men's group gathering for bible study and a meal.


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