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It's all about Jesus

Our desire is to help students cultivate a relationship with Jesus.

Encounter His Presence 

It's one thing to know about God but we want people to encounter His presence 

Fall in love with His Church

We want to show the students the importance of the church community

Discover your purpose

Our desire is to help students figure out their God-given purpose.  


We are a group of 6th - 12th grade students that gather together Wednesdays at Cobb Vineyard Church at 7:00 PM. 

Our heart is to be a loving community that seeks to encounter the Holy Spirit and to do the work of Jesus.



From the outset, Camp Vineyard has had at its heart the idea that teenagers have the ability to get involved in ministry now, and not just some time in the undefined future. We believe that the future of the Vineyard movement rests on these teenagers who will become our church planters, ministers, and volunteers. We want to give them the motivation to go home and get involved in their church’s ministries, learning to love and serve those around them in meaningful ways.

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